Why choose us?

NWHA has been supporting the sound horse movement and our members for over 15 years.  Whether you are on the trail or on the rail, there is something for everyone.  We provide fair judging, consistent rules and regulations and plenty of programs to fit the changing needs of our members.  Join NWHA today!


The National Walking Horse Association continues to grow and change with our membership needs.  We are in existence because of our belief and support of the sound and natural walking horse. 

OUR MISSION:  To improve the lives of horses and people by encouraging responsibility and sportsmanship. It promotes educational and recreational activities while preserving the unique qualities of the Walking Horse. Our rules are structured to protect the welfare of the horse and provide an equitable horse-show affiliation program in which they may be exhibited, judged, and showcased in full compliance with the Federal Horse Protection Act of 1970. Our inspectors are USDA certified and take pride in providing thorough and fair inspections. And, our judges are committed to fair judging with an understanding of the true gaits of the Walking Horse.