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*  Receive NWHA National News, the official online magazine of NWHA
*  An attractive and informative website
*  A voice to nominate deserving members for the coveted Phoenix and Pegasus Award 
*  High Point Program with horse nominations 
*  Youth Programs 
*  Lifetime Superior Achievement Awards Program 
*  Trail Rider Incentive Programs 
*  Free Amateur & Youth Cards 
*  Eligibility to compete in all affiliated NWHA competitions nationwide, including educational clinics, trail rides, and the prestigious NWHA      Nationals 
*  Assurance of the protection of NWHA rules 
*  Assurance of the highest standard of fair competition and a safe environment 
*  Horses and horsemanship judged only by qualified licensed officials 
*  Annual Membership Meeting
*  Annual High Point Award Program